• For those who wish to know the health consequences of the Fukushima catastrophe, the answers are to be found within this volume and in the radiation risk model of the ECRR. The data presented at the 2009 Lesvos conference of the European Committee on Radiation Risk (ECRR) show the real world effects of living in areas contaminated with the dispersed contents of an exploded nuclear reactor. Twenty five years of studies of people living on the Chernobyl contaminated territories has been enough to quantify in detail the cancers, the heart disease, the loss of lifespan, the congenital illnesses, even the changes in sex ratio, in childhood intelligence and in mental health that follow the exposures to radioactive contamination from fission products, activation products and uranium fuel particles

  • Since all of the love poems in this are about real women I have made up names which scan approximately where the real ones appeared in the original. They know who they are as they all saw the poems I wrote when I wrote them. And if any of you object, my darlings, you will have to sue me. I hope however that these lines, should you read them again, will not enrage you but will make you feel happier and more secure, will warm your souls, and remember that I loved you and still do, for I do not subscribe to the Law of Limited Good. The poems are purposely out of time order to confuse the analytical. And some of them date from before 2004, scraps of paper or recreated from the misty past.

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