Dumping radioactive mud near Cardiff: new report.

Dr Busby was asked by individuals in Wales to comment on the proposals by the French nuclear company to dredge up 300,000 tons of radioactive mud from the sea bed near Hinkley Point nuclear power station in Somerset, England, and dump it in the Bristol Channel 2.8km from the Welsh Capital, Cardiff. Dr Busby has carried out many studies of the cancer and infant mortality effects of living near the contaminated coast near Hinkley Point and the Bristol Channel, including the Welsh coast since 2000. In a new report [link] he shows that if this proposal is allowed by the Welsh Assembly government, the result will be a measurable increase in cancer and ill health in Cardiff and other communities of Wales living near the coast and the tidal rivers Taff and Usk. He points out that there is no valid reason to dump this material near Wales except to keep it from the holiday beaches in England. He recommends that the dredging is not permitted to go ahead as it will increase cancer rates on both sides of the Bristol Channel, as is shown by the epidemiological cancer mortality studies his group carried out from 1999 to the present day.

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  1. hilt December 7, 2017 at 18:50 - Reply

    being a welsh man who lives next to trawsfynydd nuclear powerstation, i do worry about the effects it has on my locality ,and government say is safe, i disbelieve all of their bullshit , and i am also trying to make public via face book the fact that we dont want another reactor at trawsfynydd an experimental mini reactor,when they built the new dam at trawsfynydd i had my susoicions why they were building another dam and now we know why as the welsh government want another there on site, they would sell their mothers if they could all for lining their own pockets, disgraceful and now this and the welsh gov want it to happen how dumb are they do they think we are idiots,unlike cuprinol it doesnt say what it does on the tin ,so called scientist paid by government ,while indipendants are fobbed off , thanks to chriss busby some of us are being made aware of lies by the twisted governments, thank you chriss

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